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mercredi27 octobre 2021


FOSDAF has three complementary pillars of action:
1.   A Grass-roots community self-sufficiency Program.
It tends to empower African grass-roots communities into taking charge of themselves and building their wealth around a package of selected areas of focus combined in a way that introduces a durable change dynamics in the said communities. There are three main areas of focus:
•    Education and quality of life
•    Building wealth
•    Managing a living environment
Each of the three main areas are split in sub-areas, but we do not need to go into further details here. Implemented together as parts of the same package, they confer to the target communities a structural dynamics of continuous progress.
2.   A Diaspora Community Support Program
It intends to strengthen immigrant community members’ ability to integrate profitably in their foreign environment, on one side, and their investment capacity in their country and villages of origin. For so doing, FOSDAF undertakes a census of each community human resources, assets and needs onto which it elaborates a program of action geared at enhancing their self-reliance and investment capacity in the framework of FOSDAF vision.
3.   A university accompanying applied research program.
The third pillar of FOSDAF program aims at establishing an operational bridge between the field implementation of the program and university graduate students in advanced technical support to the program on one side, and as promiscuous job opportunities for the latter.
FOSDAF wishes to involve both western universities engaging African immigrant students and African universities in the continent. The exercise will benefit both the field work and the university research curricula and findings.   
The kind of development we envision for Africa is the one resulting from a shared commitment of all layers of the community in direction of a common goal.
The first two pillars organize the field grass-roots self-sufficiency actions. The third one conducts researches and debates on the focus areas and provides learners innovative supports to the field programs. 
A call for innovative proposals is made in direction of all African competences.

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