mercredi27 octobre 2021


Poverty is  a state of mind. We can all help to raise the level of consciousness of the poor, help them create their own wealth.
1. modest but regular contributions of $ 1 per month.
It does not weigh on your budget, but, added to those of thousands of others of good will, they are likely to promote self-sufficiency of the vast majority of Africans currently living in poverty, as well the prosperity of Africa a as whole. We encourage all African people, all social strata, to make the little gesture that can bring a huge difference in terms of prosperity.
2. Punctual Donations
You can occasionally support our specific projects or our programs; you can choose to periodically bring us technical, logistical or financial support, depending on your available time, expertise and/or resources.
3. Regular Subscriptions
You can donate a fixed amount taken regularly at the source.
You can also subscribe to the capital of FOSDAF, as a partner.
4. Taking shares in the social enterprises organized by the Foundation as a way of promoting its self-funding capacity, and in community micro-enterprises to geared  spurring individual and collective entrepreneurship for all.  The current focus enterprise is called:  Holistic Education and Technology Academy. It is the educational and occupational platform designed for the renaissance of Africa. Every African is invited to join it.
5. Referrals
The scope of mass action we are undertaking requires a multifaceted sponsorship from public and private institutions of all origins.

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