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mercredi27 octobre 2021


The goal of the Foundation for Sustainable Development of Africa (FOSDAF) is to promote African community’s common identity, active solidarity and self-sufficiency in the Diaspora as well as in the continent. Our mission is to network African skills and resources wherever they dwell, in order to produce dynamic, self-reliant and prosperous communities.
For the Diaspora in particular, its goal is to identify ways to enhance their integration and prosperity in the hosting country, thereby enforcing their ability to participate in the sustainable development of their country of origin in particular, and of Africa, in general. 
For so doing, FOSDAF strategy lies on three levels of action
  • Raising the level of consciousness on their challenges and strengths, and promote a common vision.
  • Creating their wealth by capitalizing their strengths to meet their challenges
  • Organizing their quality of life.
The first one is done by a series of workshops called African Round Tables in which every talent and competence brings his or her knowledge in the common basket called “synergetic basket”.  
The second and third ones are done by designing and implementing community empowerment projects geared at building the collective and individual wealth and well-being. Two sub-programs are being designed for that purpose: 1.The African grass-roots community empowerment sub-program.  2. The Diaspora grass-roots community empowerment sub-program and 3. The African and Africa related university accompanying research sub-program. 
The three components of FOSDAF Plan of action are complementary. Combined together, they will uplift African consciousness and efficiency from bottom-up.

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