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mercredi27 octobre 2021

Dr. ChenziRa D. Kahina

Managing Director, Nesut NbtMwtAst, delegate for the Caribbean and Pacific region                                                                                                                                                                                    

Biographical Sketch of Dr. ChenziRa D. Kahina of Per Ankh, Inc. 

ChenziRa D. Kahina, MS, NHD, PhD, NTRT, respectfully and affectionately called "Dr. Chen" is committed to the Ntrcentric integration of culture, healing sciences, arts, technology and spirituality for life, inspiration, freedom and education [CHATS4LIFE©].  Dr. Kahina serves as an Integral and Naturopathic Health practitioner, professor, lecturer and holistic studies researcher with clinical and international experiences in natural healthcare & counseling services, allopathic support, rural and women's health, psychotherapy, cognitive therapeutics, heuristic education and more.  She has professional training, certifications, licensures and degrees from Rutgers University (NCAS); Pepperdine University (GSE); University of California in San Diego (GCSF/SS); Natural Health Institute (CA/MX); in concert with numerous certifications and licensure with other international educational facilities.  She has worked, published research and presented with many scholars, artisans, scientists and practitioners internationally that have positively shaped her talents and abilities to harmoniously provide service above self. Her life work remains devoted to family, community, environment, living sciences, prosperity, health and sacred wellness as protected with the ancient principles of Maat (truth, justice, order, harmony, balance & divine righteousness). 
Throughout her life, from the Dominican Republic to New Jersey to California to Mexico to Burkina Faso to St. Croix, Virgin Islands & beyond, she has provided multiple professional, community and socially empowering services to women, children, men and families. With more than 25 years of regional, national and global experience in teaching, administration, history, cognitive science, social psychology & rehabilitation, allied health, midwifery & reproductive services, rural health sciences, performing & folkloric arts, cultural & medical anthropology, mnemonics, preventative social services, reproductive rights education & maternal care, youth & family counseling, holistic community development (HCD) & self-empowerment, ancient theology & spiritual sciences, heuristics, informational technology, sustainable agri-tourism & heritage tourism, graphic design, literary publishing and an eclectic fusion of humanities, health services, vigital arts, physical sciences and social sciences. She continues to engage with international governance and social development organizations inclusive of UN ECOSOC, INSTRAW, Women of Color, MDG-based programs, RAW© for Human Rights, 
Missionaries of the Soil, Pan Afrakan Ksh Kmt Mdw Ntchr Outreach Society and others. Dr. Kahina is the project director of NuWomanRising©- a US Office of Women’s Health funded initiative for providing holistic and DEBI Intervention-based HIV Prevention for Women and Girls in the US Virgin Islands.  
Dr. Kahina serves as Senior Editor & Literary Administrator for the Metu Nefer: A Journal for Truth-seekers, Naturalists & Practitioners; Per Ankh: ANKHMES; Mtu Ntr: Nature’s Measures; A Treatise of the Nu Declaration of Smai Tawi; Justice & Restitution for Indigenous Afrakans; Uat Nefer Aha Aaui Te: A Manual for Martial Artists & Scientists; Seneb Djesek Tepi Nefer: A Manual for Self-Healing, On Time and In Step: Reunion on The Glory Road and other international publications. She continues to provide professional contractual services throughout the VI and Caribbean as an educator, consultant and technical writer by community request. She co-manages and co-owns several entrepreneurial family-based businesses: Natural Builders & Quality Developers, LLC—a construction development, real estate brokerage & management firm; and AST & RAW Enterprises—a naturopathic therapy, counseling, retreat & heritage restoration entity.   
Dr. Kahina is married and the natural birth mother to 6 dynamic and progressively independent children and the sacred spiritual mother “community nurturing Mwt Mama” to many others.  She is an ordained minister and priestess of Per Ankh em Smai Tawi Ministries International—a global ministry devoted to ancient spiritual empowerment, respect for indigenous ancestral traditions, life-centered education and more. Dr. Kahina is the managing executive director and co-founder of Per Ankh Inc. (House of Life), a 501C3 non-profit educational NGO and spiritual fellowship with a mission of promoting and enhancing CHATS4LIFE© via pragmatic education and eclectic collaborative community development based in St. Croix, Virgin Islands with organizational alliances and retreat centers regionally, nationally and globally. A Per Ankh motto is: “CHATS4LIFE is HEALING4LIFE!” 
For more information visit To arrange presentations, workshops or events with Dr. Kahina, send inquiries to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. & call 1-340-772-2220/1-305-407-2654. 

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