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mercredi27 octobre 2021

Neb KaRa Kherishetapheru aka Carl Christopher

Neb KaRa Kherishetapheru  aka Carl Christopher 
Institutional Affiliation: 
Per Ankh, Inc., Per Ankh Institute  
& Per Ankh em Smai Tawi 
Biographical Sketch: 
NebKaRa Kherishetapheru aka Carl 
Christopher, an Af-Ra-Kan practitioner of liberating living arts and sciences, raised and educated in Frederiksted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands attended school in St. Croix and graduated from Charlotte Amalie High School in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands in the 70’s.  Majoring in Ancient Educational/Engineering 
Systems & Community Development, NebKaRa received a baccalaureate degree (B.A) from Goddard College in Vermont in the 90’s.  A strong supporter of heuristics (selfknowledge and educational sciences), NebKaRa engages in intensive academic coursework, practical training and professional experience that has led to his 
mastery, certifications and licensing—regionally, nationally and internationally—in Construction Development; Project Management; General Contracting; Certified Estimating; NCCER Certified Trade Instructor, Appraisals and Home Inspections; Real Estate Brokering; Hatha Yoga, Martial Sciences and Arts; Performing Arts & Traditional Folkloric Oration; Academic & Vocational Education;  SbaRaYaTa em Smai Tawi /Ari Ankh Ka (today known as yoga) ; Holistic Healing, Counseling, Psychotherapeutics and Physical Therapies; among other interdisciplinary arts and sciences that strengthen the body, mind, spirit, consciousness and soul. 
NebKaRa is the principal manager and founder of Natural Builders & Quality Developers, LLC a construction management, development and real estate brokerage entity and he brings more than 36 years of professional work & educational experience in rural community development, natural wellness & holistic healthcare, organic & sustainable agriculture & agribusiness, spiritual consciousness, psycho-social selfdevelopment, total humanistic dynamism training and body conditioning that includes training under the guidance of Swami Satchitananda within his Integral Hatha Yoga system in concert with several other international body works specialists and health care practitioners.  Within the discipline of Martial Sciences and Arts, NebKaRa has been guided and studied for more than 27years with internationally renowned Grandmaster and Professor Dr. Arthur Dennery formulator of the Art Den Jitsu System of Martial Arts Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Aikijitsu, Judo, Weaponry, Self Defense, Karate and Ukeme.  Throughout this time, NebKaRa has engaged in an array of extensive personal studies, professional intensives and extensive certification training sessions that have encompassed an international mixture of martial arts inclusive of Afrakan Martial Arts and Sciences, naturopathic wellness, movement, healing gestures and dance systems that have accentuated his present contributions to the areas of 
Biographical Sketch of NebKaRa Carl Christopher Kherishetapheru—October 2009—For FOSDAF balanced wellness, graceful postures and disciplined movements that provide for optimal health in the human physiology through martial & cultural performing arts & sciences.  In early March, 2009 NebKaRa founded and established Uat Nefer Aha Aauite (The Way of the Harmonious Warrior Arms and Hands) and is the Founder and Grandmaster of this system.  NebKaRa was promoted to Black Belt Kyoshi Shihan Rank as a Sixth Dan Master Teacher by internationally renowned founder of the Chinese Goju Ryu system—Grandmaster Ronald Van Clief.  
NebKaRa conducts workshops, trade and technical training, seminars, lecture demonstrations, performances, advisory consultation and a host of other professional, social, cultural, educational and spiritual support services within the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean region and internationally.   He is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Per Ankh Inc. (House of Life) & ordained ministerial priest of the international spiritual community of Per Ankh em Smai Tawi, which are NGOs, nonprofit educational, and spiritual fellowship organizational entities grounded in truth, harmony, principled unity, justice, order, reciprocity, balance, divine wisdom, divine intelligence and pragmatic education, based in St. Croix with outreach centers & affiliates throughout our global community.  The on-going development and establishment of educational centers that foster and support wellness, education, linguistics, ancestral heritage, conservation, preservation, organic communitarian development, agriculture and agribusiness, and spiritual ‘ma’atikal’ harmony are prioritized in the work he is engaged in through the practical and community centered initiatives of Per Ankh em Smai Tawi and Per Ankh Institute. 
NebKaRa has alliances, memberships, certifications and serves on several international boards, institutions and commissions inclusive of yet not limited to the following: The National Center for Construction Education & Research; The American Institute of Architects; Pan Afrakan Ksh Kmt Mdw Ntchr Outreach Society; The International World Union of Sokes; The VI Territorial Association of Realtors; The Order of OMS among others.  NebKaRa has completed and jointly revised extended works for publication entitled Per Ankh: The Ancient Education System of Per Ankh em Smai Tawi; The Mtu Ntr: Nature’s Measures; The Declaration & Ra-clamation of the Nu Smai Tawi with global launch dates in Spring 2010.   
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Biographical Sketch of NebKaRa Carl Christopher Kherishetapheru—October 2009—For FOSDAF 

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