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mercredi27 octobre 2021

What is fosdaf

FOSDAF is a non-profit institution geared to mobilizing African civil society, Diaspora and university resources and skills in order to spur a sustainable development of African and Diaspora grass-roots communities.
In order to achieve a sustainable result, we need to reverse the actual top-bottom failed development pattern into a bottom-up one with full responsibility taken by the grass-roots communities themselves in the process. FOSDAF aims to act as a catalyst for the resource and expertise networking on the one side, and the holistic development strategy and activities, on the other.
How are we different? We introduce “development packages” instead of single projects. Individual or sectorial projects however good, remain ephemeral, because they are plated on an environment that is not yet structurally conducive to change. Covering the skeleton of the actual economic life produces no structural evolution. We intend to bring our humble contribution to the structural change dynamics, by promoting an integrated approach to grass-roots community development.

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